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About Gem Wallets

Gem was formed by two friends who came together to solve a life-long problem. So often we went shopping and would vent our frustrations that no one has come up with the perfect wallet - one that meets every woman's needs. Too many times we went to a store forgetting the one coupon card that could have saved us money or we were just too embarrassed to go through our stack of cards in the checkout line that were overflowing from our poorly designed wallets. It seemed impossible to find a wallet that was both stylish and functional. We then decided to no longer compromise and design the perfect wallet for us and every woman out there!

Our patent-pending design and magnetic closure concept sets this apart from all the other wallets on the market. After much hard work, tweaking and good ol' common sense we have done just that. This wallet is so special that the only name that truly could explain it was "gem" because it is just that!

Designed to make life easier while exuding ultimate style for every woman in any generation, we're excited to provide the perfect wallet for you... it is truly a gem!



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